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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

well, it has been a long, long time since daddy has update my blog....and we are still waiting for him to upload the pictures from my 3rd birthday party on August 9th, 2008!! so, feel free to e-mail him and ask him where the pictures are...cuz i sure don't know why they are posted!

in the meantime, i started pre-school at oscar mayer public school, in the montessori program. the class is kinda big, so i am still learning everyone's names...and i have not been sleeping at naptime, so i keep falling asleep on the back of mommy's bike on the way home from school! otherwise, i like school so far and i like my teachers, ms. ashley and ms. beth:-) i have drama, art, music, PE, and library classes once a week...and the rest of the time, i am learning all sorts of new things...days of the week, poems, writing and recognizing letters...and how to be even more independent, if that is possible ('i can do it all by myself!').

we are enjoying the nice weather as much as we can...hope you are too!!